Who is the Teaching Fit Kids Training Course for?

We’ve designed our course for anyone who wants to improve the way they teach exercise skills to children.  We believe that every child should get to benefit from the Fit Kids way!

This may include:

  • Physical Education teachers
  • Classroom teachers
  • Sports coaches
  • Specialist teachers: swimming instructors, balls skills teachers, etc.
  • Occupational therapists
  • Personal trainers
  • Group exercise instructors
  • Community programme coordinators
  • Homeschool facilitators
  • Exercise enthusiasts

As long as you want to do something to help children understand their bodies, to feel great about exercising, and confident to keep active, then Fit Kids is for you!

Do I need any qualifications to do the Teaching Fit Kids Training Course?

You don’t need any qualifications, but it will be easier for you to get started if you have worked with children in a group setting before.  It’s also important that you check with your local authority about regulations for working with children.

Is Fit Kids a license to teach in schools and gyms?

Fit Kids training is a specialist certification designed to add to your teaching knowledge and skills.  Depending on where you are planning to teach Fit Kids, you may need to obtain a teaching certification or license recognized by the facility, board, school, local government, or national standards authority, before teaching.  Please check the guidelines in your area.

What age is the Fit Kids programme aimed at?

Fit Kids was designed for 4 to 8-year-olds, because this is the optimal time for children to learn fundamental movement skills.  An experienced teacher will be able to easily adapt our lesson plans for older or younger children. However, we are currently developing a curriculum for under 4s, and 9 to 12-year-olds.  Keep in touch to find out when this goes live.

Are Fit Kids lesson plans aligned with the school curriculum?

Fit Kids covers all of the fundamental movement skills and physical development building blocks required in pre-primary and primary school physical education curriculums, and then some!  

Our constant research into leading school and extra-mural programmes worldwide, and the work we do with our expert panel, keep us at the forefront of what’s happening in the world of childhood exercise and movement.  We welcome feedback and input for teachers and other professionals to help us keep our programmes relevant.

How do I start my own Fit Kids business?

You can start teaching Fit Kids classes as soon as you feel confident to do so.  We recommend following these steps to starting your own local Fit Kids business:

  1. Check local regulations about operating as a self-employed independent contractor
  2. Comply with local health and safety regulations regarding working with children
  3. Get certified – once you join the FKCC, apply for Fit Kids certification.  This will ensure you are compliant with international standards for working with children, and will give you access to your personalized webpage, Facebook page and marketing material
  4. Complete the ‘Creating your own Fit Kids business’ online course
  5. Secure a venue for weekly classes
  6. Gather a group of children you know for a practice class with their parents
  7. Start advertising classes in your area
  8. Teach some classes for free to get your name out there
  9. Offer your teaching services to local schools, gyms and community clubs
  10. Ask happy customers to write testimonials and tell their friends about you

All of these steps, and more, are covered in our online course, ‘Creating your own Fit Kids business’.  Keep in touch to find out when the course goes live.

What are the benefits of joining the FKCC?

As a member of the Fit Kids Coaches Community – the FKCC – you’ll get everything you need to teach your classes successfully.

  • Access to:
    • Weekly lesson plan videos & PDFs
    • An assessment framework & automated termly report generator
    • Fit Kids marketing materials – flyers, info sheets, posters, email templates, etc.
    • A personalized webpage if you plan to grow your Fit Kids business (for certified coaches only)
    • Our exclusive coaches kit shop
    • Weekly inspiration & ideas from the Fit Kids team
  • Fit Kids certification
    You’ll be able to teach Fit Kids after completing the Teaching Fit Kids Training Course, but joining the FKCC gives you access to our certification programme.  Certified instructors are compliant with international standards for working with children, and get access to:

    • A personalized webpage so that your classes are searchable in your area
    • Option to create a personal Fit Kids local business page on Facebook
    • ‘Certified Fit Kids coach’ certificate
  • BONUS: FKCC members get exclusive access to courses in the Fit Kids pipeline:
    • Creating a Fit Kids business: Learn how to monetize Fit Kids with access to business development videos, tools and a library of marketing templates
    • Teaching Fit Kids to under-4s
    • Fit Kids for 9 to 12-year-olds

If I join the FKCC monthly membership programme, can I stop at any time?

Your initial membership commitment to the FKCC is for 6 months, which you will be billed for monthly according to our terms and conditions.  After the initial 6 month period, you can choose to discontinue your monthly membership payments at anytime.  However, if you decide to re-join the FKCC, you will be subject to the initial 6 months commitment again.

How can I make sure I get the latest news from Fit Kids?

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