Active Bodies = Bright Minds

Our vision is for a generation of 'exercisers' - adults who live an active lifestyle because their childhood teachers presented exercise as a normal, rewarding part of everyday life.

The Body/Brain Connection

Don't dismiss exercise as being all about fitness & strength! Scientists keep telling us how physical activity improves things like memory, reading, writing, problem solving, and even concentration and behaviour in the classroom.

Long Term Benefits

A healthy, active lifestyle is known to improve mental health, prevent lifestyle diseases, and help combat the increasing obesity problem. Learning exercise life-skills in the early years sets children up with these skills for life.

Exercise, not Sport

Sport is a great way to keep exercise in our lives, but it's not the only way. Most children believe exercise and sport are the same thing, which means if they don't think of themselves as sporty, they lose interest in exercise, and avoid it.

Teach the Fit Kids way

Start every class feeling prepared and confident, knowing that you're covering all of the fundamental movement skills, while at the same time building positive exercise behaviours that will amplify across their lifetime.

Teaching Fit Kids Training Course

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Take the course to understand exactly what goes in to our high quality exercise programme for 4 to 8 year olds.

Fit Kids Coaches Community

Once you’ve completed your training, join the monthly membership club where we continually build our Fit Kids knowledge, together.

About Fit Kids

I believe that every child deserves to experience exercise the Fit Kids way. This is why I've built a coach training programme and ongoing support community so coaches everywhere can play their part in setting up children for long term confidence in exercising.
Exercise Life Skills Fit Kids

Simon McQueen

Founder & creator

Fit Kids was born of a need to give my own children a high quality exercise education. Drawing on my 20+ years working as a Phys. Ed. teacher and sports coach, I've created the exact mix of movement skills and habits that children need to thrive - both now, and in the future.

Endorsements for the Fit Kids way

Fit Kids exercise life skills

Karen Berry


The Fit Kids way makes every single child believe in their ability. Simon puts 100% of his energy and dedication into improving kids' lives through exercise.

Fit Kids exercise life skills

Josette Koen


Fit Kids is fantastic because children are given the opportunity to develop the kind of strength they need to help with concentration and learning, in a way that really makes sense to them and that they look forward to.

Fit Kids exercise life skills

Colleen van Eck


We love having Fit Kids at our school. The children learn new things every week, they're never bored, and we love how encouraging Simon is. It makes the lesson feel fun, even when it's hard work.