Fit Kids Coaches Community

$45.00 / month

Once you’ve completed your training, join the monthly membership club where we continually build our Fit Kids knowledge, together.


As a member of the Fit Kids Coaches Community – the FKCC – you’ll get everything you need to teach your classes successfully.

  • Access to:
    • Weekly lesson plan videos & PDFs
    • An assessment framework & automated termly report generator
    • Fit Kids marketing materials – flyers, info sheets, posters, email templates, etc.
    • A personalised webpage if you plan to grow your Fit Kids business (for certified coaches only)
    • Our exclusive coaches kit shop
    • Weekly inspiration & ideas from the Fit Kids team
  • Fit Kids certification
    You’ll be able to teach Fit Kids after completing the Teaching Fit Kids Training Course, but joining the FKCC gives you access to our certification programme. Certified instructors are compliant with international standards for working with children, and get access to:

    • A personalised webpage so that your classes are searchable in your area
    • Option to create a personal Fit Kids local business page on Facebook
    • ‘Certified Fit Kids coach’ certificate
  • BONUS: FKCC members get exclusive access to courses in the Fit Kids pipeline:
    • Creating a Fit Kids business: Learn how to monetise Fit Kids with access to business development videos, tools and a library of marketing templates
    • Teaching Fit Kids to under-4s
    • Fit Kids for 9 to 12 year olds

DISCLAIMER: Fit Kids training is a specialist certification designed to add to your teaching knowledge and skills.  Depending on where you are planning to teach Fit Kids, you may need to obtain a teaching certification or license recognised by the facility, board, local government, or national standards authority, before teaching.  Please check the guidelines in your area.


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